Garden Landscaping in Carlton Nottingham


Garden Landscapes Design Retaining Walls - The Walled Garden Oakdale Road, Carlton, Nottingham Description: The clients required some Garden Landscaping in Carlton Nottingham. They requested to have their sloping garden to have levels. The levels needed to link from on the other in a simplistic form. Solution: Edge worked on a design which would retain the grounds at different levels. The garden was set in sections. Retaining wall foundations were poured, the walls were large solid concrete block walls. Expansion joints, weep holes to meet the high demand of stress from ground loads. A decorative engineering good quality brick was built in front of the blockwork. Large concrete steps formed, with balustrade centre piece. A lower level had a pond and water pump, sweeping paths with french oak sleepers. A wonderful setting to work, the client expressed design ideas, working closely with Edge, we achieved a truly enjoyable project.