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Green Roofing – a Sedum Grass Roof in Midlands


The Green Roof - Sedum Grass Roof England Crescent, Heanor, Derbyshire Description: Clients required a new green grass roof, which would be looked at from the garden level and from the house windows. Solution: Structural engineer drawings set out fro the new roof to be formed upton the existing garage. A new wall on a new foundation was formed. New oak posts to the rear gave a timber storage shed. The roof was then formed with timber joists, plywood, EPDM. The Sedum grass roof was laid to the roof. A steel trim around the roof seperated a stone detail for decoration. The steel trim perforated edges allowed drainage. All water was connected to water butt containers for re-use. New rooms created: Garage, Log Store room

Home Extension Green Roof West Bridgford Nottingham


Home Extension - Green Room Malvern Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham Description: The Clients wanted to create an open plan garden room by having a home extension with a green roof in West Bridgford Nottingham. The room needed to link the kitchen, loung and new room in a flowing effect. They wanted a modern look to blend with their home. Solution: Architects: designed a rear extension to the full width of the property. A grass sedum roof design and a single ply roof centre. Structural calculations determined the sizes of ridge beams x 3 and steel columns. Engineering pillars built to form strength of the new roof. Steel openings were formed to the rear of the kitchen and the rear of the lounge. The extension built had a side window, side door, to the rear, windows and central bi-folds. The roof had a lower detail and higher level. Both were flat roof section details. 2 x sedum roof on lower pitch, sarna-fill to apex. Under floor heating and a engineered timber floor went all the way through the ground floor. External works: Banks of ground was removed to form the extension and patio. A rear patio was laid, pond built and rear retaining wall built in blockwork. The clients wanted to recycle old sandstone which was used as decorative for the retaining wall. The pond and water-feature was lined and mood lighting gave a peaceful feel. New Rooms created: Open plan garden room  

Garage Conversion in Carlton Nottingham


12. Garage Conversion - The Double Garage / Kitchen Huckerbys Field, Carlton, Nottingham Brief for the Garage Conversion, Carlton, Nottingham: Clients wanted a large kitchen converting the double garage, with dining space. Solution: Edge built the garage conversion in Carlton, Nottingham, building an angled extension leading from the house, to the garage, opening from original hallway to dining area. This then stepped up to the garage. The garage was then converted into a spacious kitchen. New Room created: Kitchen, dining room and utiltiy.

Home Extension in Mapperley Nottingham


Home Extension - The Annex Bennet Road, Mapperley, Nottingham Description: Clients requied an annex built at the rear of the property for their parents. Solution: Edge built a single storey extension to the side and rear of the property. They shared a utility, which lead through to the Annex. The annex had a separate side door and bifolds to the rear. This gave separate access. They wanted an open plan kitchen/diner. This space lead to the bedroom and ensuite. To the rear of the kitchen/diner, edge also built a glass conservatory. It worked so well as both couples had separate access and privacy. New rooms created: Two kitchens, utility, bedroom, ensuite, open plan lounge and conservatory

Home Extension in Beeston Nottingham


Home Extension - The Kitchen / Snug College Road, Beeston, Nottingham Description: Clients wanted to remove a tired extension and replace with a new open plan kitchen extension and snug. Solution: Edge on a build notice buillt a rear single storey home extension, 3m to the rear and the full width of the property. Edge worked with structural plans to remove the rear wall of the property, this was then underpinned in three positions. New blockwork/eng pillars built and steels installed. The new extension had oak bifolds fitted , a side door, windows and skylights. At the rear of the room was the snug and through the hallway a new downstairs toilet fitted with new drains being installed. The kitchen island was designed around the pillar and worked well. New Room created: Kitchen, Snug and WC

Home Extension in Trowell Nottingham


Home Extension - The Glass House Dawn View, Trowell, Nottingham Description: Clients required a room leading to the lounge which had benefits of light. The room was to replace a conservatory and needed to be used all year round. Solution: Edge built a garden room which had steel pillars and a steel frame. The steel structure was designed to take roof loads and allowing maximum glass for light. The columns were bolt fixed to steels concreted into the ground. Brickwork was built to the columns on usual foundations. Roof design was connected to steel frame with tech screws. A real roof with foil celetex insultating gives the best energy for winter, allowing family room time all year round. New room created: Glass room lounge.

Home Extension in Carlton Nottingham


Home Extension - The wood House Douglas Avenue, Carlton, Nottingham Description: Clients wanted an extra bedroom and ensuite built above there kitchen. They needed extra space for their growing family, and loved their location and wanted to extend instead of move houuse. Their brief was to see the woods through their windows. Solution: Edge removed the old roof, replaced with new floor joists and steels. Edge then built blockwork to the existing building to create the new double storey extension. A vaulted ceiiing, with steel ridge beam was connected to the brick gable. Skylights to ensuite and new bedroom. This was then created into a smaller childrens bedroom and window installed to side. New Room created: Bedroom, Ensuite, Dressing room

Garage Conversion in Bramcote Nottingham


Garage Conversion / Home Extension - The Office, Spare Bedroom, Wetroom Kingsbridge Way, Bramcote, Nottingham Description: The clients required a spare bedroom for guests, with wetroom and ensuite for family members to stay and could also be doubled up as a playroom. Solution: Edge built a side extension which linked to the garage. The higher ground level of garage meant internal steps were formed. The garage was converted into the playroom. The ensuite/wetroom was to the rear of the walkway wall. A glass floor to ceiling window gave angled light through from the office to bedroom/playroom. The wetroom was tanked and fitted to give maximum space. New rooms created: Office,Playroom, wetroom

Home Extension in Arnold Nottingham


12. Garage Conversion = The Double Garage / Kitchen Huckerbys Field, Carlton, Nottingham Description: The clients required a larger kitchen. Their existing kitchen was too small to fit there vision. Solution: An extension to the side 4m by 9m was drawn. This allowed a large vaulted ceiling kitchen to be built. A hallway from the front door of the extension linked to the existing hallway. To the left a downstairs shower room was formed. The old kitchen was turned into a bedroom for family and friens visits. Skylights in the roof gave plenty of light to the kitchen, ensuite and hallway. The new kitchen had a spacious island and breakfast bar to look out of the window into the clients wonderful garden. New rooms created: Kitchen, Ensuite, Shower Room, Hallway, Office/Bedroom